How is cremation accomplished?

Posted by Glen Patten on June 21 2012 @ 11:07

A pet's body is placed in the cremation chamber where, through heat and evaporation, the body is reduced to its basic elements which are referred to as "cremated remains.The remains have neither the appearance nor the chemical properties of ashes - they are, in fact, bone fragments. Since the term "cremated remains" is little used by the public, most people refer to the "cremated remains" as "ashes." Following preparation, the ashes are placed in a permanent urn or in a temporary container, suitable for transport.

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  1. Niall O'Reilly
    Hi, our dog Jess is a Basset Hound she is almost 15 years old. Can you send me on costs for cremation. Jess is still alive and well, but when the time comes I don't want to have to be looking into this then. Regards, Niall
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