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The death of a pet is likely to be as traumatic to your family as losing a human loved one. Pets are important members of the family therefore, end of life decisions you make are likely to be the last thoughtful thing you do for your pet. This section is designed to guide you through the most frequently asked questions about choosing cremation for your pet.

Q: Is Pet Cremation Increasing in Popularity?

A: Yes. Cremation has been increasing in popularity and acceptability in the funeral business for decades. It only stands to reason that more people would choose it for their pets as well. Cremation is simple, clean,eco friendly and affordable.

Q: How is cremation accomplished?

A: A pet's body is placed in the cremation chamber where, through heat and evaporation, the body is reduced to its basic elements which are referred to as "cremated remains.The remains have neither the appearance nor the chemical properties of ashes - they are, in fact, bone fragments. Since the term "cremated remains" is little used by the public, most people refer to the "cremated remains" as "ashes." Following preparation, the ashes are placed in a permanent urn or in a temporary container, suitable for transport.

Q: How can I be sure that I will get my pet’s ashes back?

A: At Pawprints Cremation Ireland we do not remove any pet from a clinic without proper identification. A paper identification tag is placed on your pet which has a unique tracker number that will accompany your pet through the complete cremation process. During the cremation process the paper tag is kept next to the crematory so that the operator can positively identify your pet’s remains when the cremation is finished.It is also attached to your choice of tribute on return to yourveterinary clinic.

Q: How can I have my pet cremated at Pawprints Cremation Ireland.

A: Our service is available to all veterinary clinics,if we have not dealt with your vet before you can request that your pet to be collected from your vet by Pawprints.


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Q: Can my veterinarian help me with cremation for my pet?

A: Yes. Your veterinarian has been a trusted partner to you and your pet in matters of healthcare, so it only makes sense to ask their advice about death care or cremation.They can advise you on casket and urn options available and also provide costs of cremation for your pet.

Q: Is there more than one type of cremation and what type is right for me and my pet?

A: There are two types of pet cremation: community cremation and private cremation. A common question to determine which is right for your pet is to ask yourself, "Do I want my pet's ashes back?"
Community cremation: your pet is placed in the cremation chamber with other pets to a maximum weight limit. With community cremation, it is impossible to get the ashes of your pet back without them mixed with those of other pets. Community cremation is often less expensive and may be used for final disposal.
Private cremation: your pet is placed alone in the cremation chamber. Private cremation ensures the integrity and dignity of the cremation of your pet.

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